Eshani Karu, MD — Update Covid-19 — CBD Recommendations for Venturing Outside After Your Home Quarantine

Dr. Eshani Niranya Karu MD
2 min readJun 12, 2020


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Many of us have waited for the U.S. Government’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) to share their ideas and recommendations for our action steps, modified behavior, and suggested new habits for everyone who has already begun to travel outside and for some of us that are about to end their isolation, also known as, home quarantine, and are thinking about the proper practices for venturing back into society and beginning their new normal routines. The CDC didn’t have anything that we would consider “earth shattering,” but they had some very sane recommendations and that said there wasn’t anything remarkably new in their recommendations that the newspaper, digital print and other media outlets haven’t been presenting to anyone watching the television news or radio. A few of the items the CDC talked about follow:

1. Everyone should be wearing a mask when outside

2. Everyone should be practicing social distancing of 6 feet.

3. Please do not shake hands, slap high and low fives and do not venture any elbow bumps. Temptation to touch will be there, but it’s for everyone’s sake to refrain.

4. If you are able to obtain it, use your hand sanitizer when coming into contact with objects that everyone is touching, especially after banking with the ATM machine.

5. When visiting with family and friends, especially over the 4th of July and everyone is thinking “barbeque” — let’s think about letting everyone know that it might be wiser and safer if we bring your own food and drinks, but we can share the barbeque itself (I said this, not the CDC.)

6. If we have the stamina and energy, it’s safer to walk up the stairs and ignore the elevator.

I’m sure there will be more guidelines and recommendations in the weeks to come, but for now — let’s wash our hands, wear masks and practice social distancing of 6 feet.



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