Eshani Karu MD: Update Covid-19 — Working from Home

I was searching online looking for updates on Covid-19 from the CDC, WHO and other authoritative agencies. I ran across an information site provided for the people of Spain from the Spanish Ministry of Health and found it very interesting. I thought I’d share a little of it with you.

One item that they talk about is how to work from home. They provided a list of 5 recommendations to avoid back pain and headaches and other physical issues.

One: You want to set yourself working in a space that has good light and in a place where other activity is not taking place. This gives you an opportunity to concentrate and when you stop working, you have actually stopped working as you have left work.

Two: Setting up a routine that you can follow daily is important. It is recommended that you get up from sleep at the same time, get dressed for work and mentally get ready to go to work. In this way you are telling yourself and the family — I’m going to work.

Three: You should plan to have breaks and to make sure if you are doing desk / computer work that you leave your chair and walk around. It’s important to stretch and give your eyes a break from the screen.

Four: During your work hours it’s important to avoid family distractions, so let the family know you are going to work and will be back to them on your break.

Five: Keep in touch during the day with your work colleagues using zoom, go to meetings, texting and chat.



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Dr. Eshani Niranya Karu MD

Dr. Eshani Niranya Karu MD

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